Want To Know Who We Work With?

Some names (bands, labels) we are working (worked) on their stuff (music or tour promotion etc): Batushka (Pol), Fleetburner (feat. Members of Dark Tranquility, ex-In Flames), Sarcasm (Swe), Hecate Enthroned (UK), Rainer Landfermann (Bethlehem, Pavor) (German project), Overkill (USA) [by The Flaming Arts], Truckfighters (by Fuzzorama recs), Argonauta Records, Esoteric (UK), Rigor Sardonicous (USA), Incantation (USA) [by The Flaming Arts], NAUT (UK), Winterblut, Vader (Pol), Blade Killer (USA), Therion (Swe) [by Stygian Crypt productions], Sanatana (Ukr), Kanonenfieber (Ger), Balfor (Ukr), Mutanter (Ukr), Graveshadow (USA), Novareign (USA), Kiara Laetitia / Rockstar Frame (UK), Torture Squad (Bra), Myrholt (Nor), Fuzz Evil (USA), Dys Inbunden (Swe), Millennium (UK), Acid Death (Gre), Khors (Ukr), Nordwitch (Ukr), Deadspace (AU), Mile (Swe), Strike Master (Mex), Dorsal Atlantica (Bra), Voracious Scourge (USA), Selvans (Ita), Kzohh (Ukr), Ulvegr (Ukr), Perished (Nor), Kroh (UK), Skeletoon (Ita), Kantica (Ita), Bahrrecht (Fra), to name a few!

Some labels we have worked with (promoted their bands): Avantgarde Music (Ita), M-Theory Audio (USA), Revalve Records (Ita), Snow Wave Records (Fin), Minotauro Records (Ita), Australis Records (Chile), Give Praise Records (USA), Ketzer Records (Ger), Purity Through Fire Records (Ger), Possession Productions (Blr), Musicarchy Media (UK), Witching Hour Productions (Pol), Sliptrick Records (Ita), Ashen Dominion Productions (Ukr), Aesthetic Death Records (UK), Duplicate Records (Nor), NRT Records (NL), Nihilistische KlangKunst (Ger), Godbox Records (Spa), Argonauta Records, to name a few...

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