Album/EP Promotion

PR: We create an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) based on your material and send it out to thousands of print and online magazines and radios through our partners. This includes regular blogs as well as major magazines like Decibel, Metal Injection, Legacy,, Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Scream, Inferno, and etc. Additional links can be found on our Twitter account at If the material is "to be released," we create a newsletter to announce the album release date and other news. For "to be released" material, we can also try to organize exclusive premieres through important outlets (approximately two months prior to the release date). The difference between when we send material and when bands submit material themselves (or through unapproved PRs) is that bands and unapproved PRs use publicly available email addresses of magazines that are probably checked by editors with a 10% rate. However, we have personal contacts with many editors, so when they receive material from us (an approved PR), they are 100% more likely to check the material and decide if the band is interesting enough for them. >The mailout leads to news, reviews, interviews, and radio airplays through online magazines and printed outlets. Our territory mainly covers the European Union, Scandinavia, and the UK, but partially includes the US and AU.

Duration: 4 months for released material, 6-8 months for “to-be-released” material.
Service: circulation of press release news, press release circulation for singles/tour dates/videoclips, promotion of material for reviews/interviews/radio airplays. This includes submission to webzines, print magazines, and radio stations, among others.
Organization of exclusive premieres via important portals or YouTube channels.
Consultation services.
If needed, submission of material to labels.
If you have physical promo CDs, we will gather the addresses of editors who are interested in receiving your material in physical format for guaranteed reviews/interviews.
Acquisition of reviews, radio airplays, interviews, news, and other features.
We will send all feeds (links, playlists, etc.) to your email address immediately after they are in our inbox (links to all online coverage and screenshots from print magazines).

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