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Duration: 4 months for released material, 6-8 months for “to-be-released” material.

Service: circulation of press release news, press release circulation for singles/tour dates/videoclips, promotion of material for reviews/interviews/radio airplays. This includes submission to webzines, print magazines, and radio stations, among others.

Organization of exclusive premieres via important portals or YouTube channels.

Consultation services.

If needed, submission of material to labels.

If you have physical promo CDs, we will gather the addresses of editors who are interested in receiving your material in physical format for guaranteed reviews/interviews.

Acquisition of reviews, radio airplays, interviews, news, and other features.

We will send all feeds (links, playlists, etc.) to your email address immediately after they are in our inbox (links to all online coverage and screenshots from print magazines).

Band information, including a bio, logo, and photos (minimum size of 800x800px).

Songs in MP3 format (320Kbps), along with artwork (minimum size of 800x800px).

All relevant links, including social media and website URLs.

The album release date (in the format month-day-year). Please provide all of the above in a .zip archive and send it via WeTransfer.

300 EUR

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