Virgins of the Seven Seas

Based in Hamburg/Germany, Virgins Of The Seven Seas combine different genres of stoner and punk-rock music as well as other musical influences to create their own unique sound. The band started in 2015 as a four peace outfit. Max (vox), Jamie (bass), Klaas (guit) and Sebastian (drums) were doing heavy jam sessions.

In those days they didn’t had a name or an idea in what direction it will go. But always playing serious heavy tunes. These days the foundation was layed for the band of today.

During the jams it became clear pretty fast that they wanted to take the next step. They started to do songs out of their jam sessions. During the work on the songs for the 2017 released self titled EP – Virgins Of The Seven Seas, the band wanted to improve their sound and flexibility by a second guitar player and Stefan joined the band.

It was always clear that they follow a DIY approach and musically wise there was never a particular genre or direction they followed. The main focus was having a good time and making music with friends. All of this build the frame work for their work. They do want and like to play hard guitar music without compromise.

2018 the band faced another line up change as Ommid replaced the second guitar player and this change gave the band wider spectrum due to Ommids unique guitar playing. They started to jam a lot as all of them really enjoyed playing together and developed their own style, rearranged old stuff new and wrote new songs that were more stoner-doom orientated.

Since 2018 the band started to play regular live shows on their own or as a support and started to increase their level of awareness around the stoner/doom scene of Hamburg and surroundings.

All of the above build the foundation for their first longplayer BeDroCan. During the work on the album another line up change took place. Because the drummer needed to be replaced and Florian is droping the hammer since then. Florian took the drums to another level and it was clear from the first jam session that this fits pretty well.

The work for the LP BeDroCan was completed in summer 2021 and the record was digitally released in Oktober 2021 on all bigger streaming platforms. The CD and Vinyl release is planned and will follow in spring 2022.

Short after that The Sacrificed Tape was released on tape and digitally in January 2022. The idea of the tape arose, because the song ‘Milk The Goat’ on that tape, was originally recorded for BeDroCan, but finally the band decided that it didn’t really suit the album and as this is a killer song, the Band decided to do a tape with that song together with a bunch of already recorded once.

Presently Virgins Of The Seven Seas are back in the rehearsal room jamming on new material for their next releases. And are of course looking forward to hit the stage again. Whenever the pandemic end’s or the possibility arises.

Band Line-Up:

Klaas – Guitar

Max – Vocals

Jamie – Bass

Ommid – Guitar

Flo – Drums

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