Since 2021 Grand Sounds Promotion launch a new promotional tool – Youtube Video promotion.

If you want to raise the number of views (Only by relevant people – rockers and metalheads) of your Video on Youtube, we can help you. We create a special advertisement, your video will be shown as ‘skippable ad’ on the videos from channels like Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Season of Mist and so on. It means your Video will be seen by the relevant people who listen to heavy metal and hard rock, and your Video will get Real views (not those fake bot views offered by numerous scam services around Google).

Prices =>

16-35K views – 150 EUR
36-74K views – 260 EUR
55-120K views – 370 EUR
72-160K views – 480 EUR
88-200K views – 590 EUR
100-250K views – 700 EUR
(shown approx. amount, From min and up to max).

Example (a part of the report) from one of our recent campaigns =>

Get back with any additional questions. E-mail us.

!Attention! If your video contains something related to ‘alcohol’ or ‘smoking’ Youtube may not allow promoting your video!